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SATs Party!

It’s been a secret SATs week this week, in Year 2! The reason why I didn’t tell the parents or children about this (even though some children might have had an idea) is because I wanted it to be as stress-free as possible. To celebrate how amazing we have done in our SAT’s, we had an EPIC SATs PARTY on Friday! A while ago, I asked the children what they wanted to do to celebrate their hard work and their ideas were great. Therefore, following these requests…

We had a pizza party! We made our own pizzas from pizza dough and chose our own pizza toppings.

We had a very exciting visit from a tractor in the carpark (thank you so much for Isaac’s Dad for making this happen)! We got to ride on the tractor and see how huge the wheels are!

We even brought in our own toys from home and got to play with our favourite toys with our friends.


Throughout the week, the whole school also took part in an orienteering session. We had lots of fun finding the flags and using the maps.


In English, we are also creating a non-fiction report on a farm animal of our choice. This week we used books and laptops to research our farm animal for our fact files.

Achiever of the week!

The whole of Year 2!This week we have completed our end of KS1 SATs and I can’t explain how proud I am of every single child in Year 2! Everyone has tried their hardest and thought carefully about their answers. They demonstrated a sense of maturity and realised it was their time to show off their learning and shine…. and every single child has done so! A huge well done from myself and Miss Laycock!
But it is also important to remember that SATs don’t measure your understanding of the world; your artistic talents; your love for sports and P.E abilities. It also doesn’t measure what a good friend you are; your sense of humour or how kind you are. I am proud of you all for trying your best in SATs, but I am prouder that you are all of the above qualities.

Post Author: Frances Brennand