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In English we have been using our comprehensive skills to answer questions about the story. We also completed a character description on Farmer Duck. We later learnt about the moral of the story (not to be lazy like the farmer and to be hardworking like the duck). We wrote our own mini stories with a moral.


In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We’ve been exploring the vocabulary: vertices, edges and faces.


We are learning about human and physical features in Geography. We learnt lots of new vocabulary and sorted pictures into human and physical Geography.


We explored religious Christian symbols in R.E this week. We learnt about how the: dove, cross, candle and lots more have special meanings to Christians. We worked in groups to match the symbols up and wrote paragraphs about their meanings.

Achiever of the week!

Aizah has tried so hard this week and has been applying 100% efforts in all areas of her learning! Aizah has produced an excellent piece of writing about our story of Farmer Duck and thinking carefully about her spelling and handwriting. She’s also contributing on the carpet and concentrating well. We are so proud of you Aizah, keep up the great work!

Post Author: Frances Brennand