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We love learning about Aladdin in English this half term! Year 2 are so keen to write about Aladdin and have already produced some high-quality diary entries, setting descriptions, poems and short narratives. We love watching the film snippets that link to our writing and predicting the ending.


In Maths, we are continuing with SATs revision and have been thinking about fractions (quarters, halves, and three quarters) and we are now focusing on time. We will be exploring telling the time to 5 minutes and answering lots of SATs questions. I have also sent this home for home-learning as it’s a bit tricky! Why don’t you try asking us what the time is at home?


In Science, we are thinking about humans and animals and applying our knowledge of animals from our farm visit. So far, we have learnt about what animals and humans need to survive, life cycles, exercise and animal young.

During our Science lesson this week, we learnt about the effects of exercise on your body. We talked about how exercise is good for us and what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We conducted an experiment to see which exercises are best to raise our heart-rate. We predicted that star jumps, running and jumping would be good; and yoga and walking would not raise our heart-rate very much.


On Wednesday, we had a music lesson taught by our new music teacher Phil Harrison. It was our first one and we had lots of fun learning about rhythms and how to use our body parts as instruments. We explored musical pulse and clapped along to the beat of different songs.

The Coronation

This week, we have been celebrating the King’s coronation! We sketched King Charles and thought carefully about realistic features. We also chose to use watercolours for our media.

On Friday, we had a coronation party! We tasted our homemade scones and enjoyed some delicious party food!

Our School Trip to the Farm

We had such a lovely time at the farm! I was so sad to miss it but Mrs Boon said the class were impeccably behaved and learnt lots of interesting facts. The class couldn’t wait to tell me all about what they saw and did at the farm. The ice cream sounded delicious!


SATs will take place on the week commencing 15th and 22nd May. We are excited to show off what we have learnt and are ready for them! If you want a chat about anything to do with SATs, please come and find me on the door.

Post Author: Frances Brennand