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Kirkstall Drive, Barnoldswick, Lancs BB18 6EZ

We have had an extremely busy first week back at school! In our PE lesson, we continued to work on developing our underarm and overarm throwing skills. We even managed to enjoy some time with the parachute at the end of the lesson, challenging ourselves to try to keep ALL the coloured balls on top. We had to work together as a class to achieve this!

As part of our English learning, we discovered an interesting creature whilst on our adventure through the forest. After much deliberation, we have since found out that it is in fact a Bog Baby, who is part of our new story for this half term.

Within our Math’s learning, we have been focusing on number and place value this week. We have recapped some key skills that we have learnt previously and shown a good understanding.

In our Art lesson with Miss Burn, we looked at our artist in focus Georgia O’Keeffe and created some colour samples based on those colours we had identified in her artwork.

Post Author: Mollie Farrell