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In order to help us plan for the coming weeks, please complete the attached questionnaire ONLY if you believe you are in the Key Worker category AND you need school to provide some care for your child.

If you have already completed the questionnaire you do not need to complete it again.

The list of Key or Critical workers has been emailed to all parents along with advice and guidance from school. We have taken guidance from central government and the local authority and we must stress again that the provision for children in the coming weeks will be childcare and not formal education and it is ONLY available to children whose parents’ work is critical in the fight against COVID-19 – it is not provided to alleviate financial hardship for families; that is the job of central government. 
We should all be social distancing as much as possible in order to slow the spread of this deadly virus and as such it is critical that we all understand and use the service provided by school only if it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

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