The Government has announced that schools will be closed to most children from Monday 23rd March. Staff are now planning how we can support you and your children during this period. 
💡 We will be creating and sharing new email addresses for each class so that you can have a dialogue with class teachers if you need to ask questions about children’s learning whilst they are not in school. 
💡 Children will be emailed a pack of work which parents are free to print and use at home.
💡 We will be sharing a range of online resources and links for you to explore at home, beginning with this:

The resources on this website, created and shared for free by the incredible staff at the Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust, are absolutely marvellous. Please take time to have a look as there are ideas and links for daily and weekly activities for families to engage in learning activities together; some can be printed out and others are online but all are really worthwhile. The activities are arranged in year group order and on a week-by-week basis.