Our school uniform consists of:

Trousers: Grey/black trousers or shorts.

Skirts: Grey/black skirt.

Dresses: Pinafore dresses are allowed (grey); blue gingham dresses are also permitted.

Shirts: White school shirts or white polo shirts (with or without the school logo).

Jumpers/cardigans – Blue (with the school logo)/navy blue for Year 6.

Tights should be grey and knee length socks should be white or grey.

Shoes should be black or brown and suitable for school wear. This does not include trainers or fashion boots (such as Uggs).

PE Kit:

Children are to continue to come to school wearing their outdoor PE kits on their class PE days.

For outdoor PE, children may wear black or blue leggings/jogging bottoms and a black/blue jumper/hoodie (no logo’s).  Also, no football shirts or crop tops please.  Trainers are permitted but no designer or expensive trainers please.

Standard PE kit – Blue or black shorts and white t-shirt.

Swimming kit: In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, the children go swimming once a week for part of the year.

Girl’s costumes should be one piece costumes (no bikinis), and they must wear a swimming cap if they have long hair unless it is plaited.

Boys should wear trunks, not long shorts.

Please make sure that all school uniform is clearly labelled. This makes life easier for the child, the teacher and for the parent!

Our school uniform can be purchased at Skip to School in Skipton and The Uniform Shop (by the roundabout at Asda), Colne. The shops can be contacted with the following details:

The Uniform Shop t/a Jean Junction: 300 Burnley Road, Colne (Near Asda), BB8 8JN

T: 01282 868743



Skip to School: 32/34 Water Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1PB

T: 01756 229002
M: 07866 762291


Skip to School – Supplier of school uniforms and sportswear

We also have our used uniform rail in school.  Good condition school uniform items that are no longer required can be donated to school and are then available for other families to purchase at £1 an item.  These are available all year in the main reception area.  The money received from sales is contributed to our school fund.


For Health & Safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery in school, with the exception of a small pair of stud earrings and small objects of religious significance.  However, we do ask children to remove these objects prior to their PE lesson or cover them with a plaster to prevent injury to your child.  If you decide not to remove the earrings, you must provide a plaster when your child has PE otherwise they will be asked to remove their earrings.


We do not permit children to have ‘extreme haircuts’ which could serve as a distraction to other pupils, or have coloured hair.  Hairstyles such as patterns shaved into the hair, lines or Mohican style crest are deemed as inappropriate for school.  Children with long hair may be asked to tie it up for certain lessons e.g. P.E, DT, Science.  Novelty headbands/bobbles/bows are not permitted in school, however children may wear an Alice band which is plain, and blue. If you are in doubt whether a hairstyle is acceptable, please contact school.

NAIL VARNISH                           

Children should not be wearing nail varnish to school.  Please make sure all nail varnish is removed before they come to school.  Nail extensions are also not acceptable to have on in school.

We ask all parents/carers to support our school uniform policy, and ensure that all children are sent to school dressed appropriately.

School staff are not responsible if any items removed for lessons go missing in school.