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At the start of this half term, the class learnt about Traction Man with Mr Blackwell and wrote their own story based on Traction Man. Over these past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on letter writing. We have wrote a letter to Mr Blackwell to thank him for his wonderful work in Year 2 and to tell him how much we miss him. We’ve been thinking about the features of a letter and in grammar, we have been learning about contractions. For our independent and assessed write, we used our knowledge of letter writing to independently write our own letter to Mrs Murphy, thanking her for her hard work in school. Next week, we are exploring instructions and will be writing instructions for how to make a cape.

Linking to our letter writing topic in English, we walked up Town to the Post Office to post our letters!


In Design Technology, we received a special letter off Traction Man to ask us to design a cape for him. We thought about what we wanted on the cape and which colours to use. Then, we used a stencil for the shape of the cape and cut the designs out of felt. We threaded needles and attached the shapes using pins. Finally, we used a running stitch to sew the shapes onto our capes.


In Maths, we have been learning about money and recognising coins and notes. We used coins to make different amounts and to work out change. We are now focusing on Time and will be exploring o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Eventually, we will be able to tell the time to the 5 minuets.


We have been having lots of fun with Phil and Marie in our PE sessions, this half term! We also had a special visit from Sports School and took part in glow in the dark dodgeball!


In Religious Education, we have been exploring Islam. We’ve been thinking about Islamic beliefs and different routines that are important to the Islamic religion. We have also been looking at how people pray and designed our own prayer mats.

Post Author: Frances Brennand