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Kirkstall Drive, Barnoldswick, Lancs BB18 6EZ

Last Thursday morning, we were very lucky to have a visitor from the Dogs Trust come into our class. He was able to tell us lots of important information about dogs, but in particular, how to be safe by thinking carefully about how we handle them. He even brought a dog along with him, who was very cheeky and sat on Miss Farrell’s chair!

In our PE lesson, we continued to practise our throwing skills by focusing on using the correct technique. We played a game called ‘Cowboys and Indians’, where we had to dodge the soft balls being thrown towards us, as we ran through the middle.

On Wednesday afternoon, Miss Burn organised for us to participate in some lovely flower based art activities. We used dandelions to create colourful shapes, we painted flowers thinking carefully about their different parts, and, we created some backgrounds using the pastels.

In our Math’s learning this week, we have focused on fractions. We have been recognising, finding and naming a half and a quarter of different objects, shapes and quantities. We have shown a SUPER UNDERSTANDING!

Post Author: Mollie Farrell