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Another undefeated round in the Y3/4 Pendle Schools Football League! Go Class 4!

A week of achievement indeed! This young man on the left has worked tremendously hard all year on his cursive handwriting. His progress has been amazing and he was so thrilled to finally earn his pen licence! These pupils on the right have earned citizen of the week awards for being so helpful around school!

This week’s English has all been about innovating our focus text, The Mousehole Cat. We started by planning our own changes and then improving the original opening with more descriptive language.

In History, we explored the reasons behind why the Ancient Egypt civilisation settled by the River Nile! In RE, we studied the Sikhism symbol, The Khanda by disecting it and identifying the deeper, religious meaning behind each of the three parts. In Geography, we studied the landscape and features of a river.

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