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Working together to ‘Break the Bias’ during International Women’s Day! We defined ‘bias’, established our safe space dos and don’ts and shared our experiences of gender lighbulb moments where almost every child in our class has been told they can’t do something because of their gender or were treated differently.
Using puppets, we role played different scenarios which highlighted ways in which girls and women are treated unfairly and we challenged areas of inequality.
Y4 thoroughly enjoyed their ambulance visit today as part of British Science Week. The paramedics were so informative and were very keen to answer the children’s questions. We learnt about the contents of the ambulance, the defibrillator, oxygen masks, neck braces, equipment to raise patients off the ground, oxygen and heart rate monitors.
Y4 loved their rocket construction and launching workshop with Rolls Royce who were promoting ‘Ladies in the Labs’. 
Using a template, the children cut out and assembled their Rolls Royce, ‘Agents of STEM’.
Y4 explored a number of chemical reactions as part of British Science Week. The laughter and questions was wonderful to hear as they tested the highest fountain between artificially sweetened cola mixed with mentos and cola mixed with bicarbonate of soda! Next, they practised their super spy skills by writing in invisible ink with lemon juice and wax. Lastly, the children created rainbow lemon volcanoes. A super day learning about CO2, citric acid and reactions between acids and bases. 
As part of a a cultural diversity workshop, our class met, Prags, who talked about her life and wanted to enrich the children’s currciulum with traditional Bollywood dancing and dress. The children were so enthuastic to try on the waistcoats and skirts, they looked wonderful!

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