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Kirkstall Drive, Barnoldswick, Lancs BB18 6EZ

Three of our Year 4 children represented our school as part of a squad of 10 at the Pendle Schools Cross Country event @ Holt House. We were thrilled to watch them cross the finish line and amazingly, one of our boys came 9th out of 100 boys in his race! He has now been invited to the East Lancashire Final next month!

On Wednesday, it was World Orienteering Day! Our class paired up, raced around the course to locate their control points and wrote down the correct letter and number. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd places wanted to pose for a photo on a winners’ podium so we created one outside!

Writing our stories based on a theme this week meant that our class were able to plan their own innovations around The Mousehole Cat. Each day, we listen to crashing waves and thunderstorms in the background as we write as it has inspired us to use descriptive language for The Great Storm animal.

Using partitioning method to solve division fluency questions! We love usng our tables for our jottings. Next up, is chunking on a numberline to then help us with short division using chunking. We have been practising our times tables recall within 6 seconds in preparation for the Multiplication check in June.

In History, we have continued to explore the Ancient Egypt civilisation and the vital role the River Nile played in advancement of transport, trade and irrigation. We were introduced to the God of the River Nile, Hapi. Within our focus around Sikhism in RE, we studied the 5 K’s this week.

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