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On guard! The class enjoyed a super Fencing taster session hosted by Matt from SportsCool! The children learnt about hand placement, target areas and moving in sync with your opponent.

We are super proud of our first Y4 squad who played in the first round of the Pendle Schools football league this week! The team was thrilled to have finished the event with two wins and two draws! We are very lucky to have so many footballers in our class and many are awaiting to be selected for the second round.

As an introduction to our Ancient Egypt history topic, we began by exploring the terms civilisation and hierarchy.

As part of our Sikhism unit in RE, the class listened and retold the story of Guru Nanak, ‘Blood and Milk’ by creating story boards. The class discussed the deeper meaning and lesson behind the story as it helps us to understand how and why Sikhs express their beliefs and values.

Our theme this half term is Water, Water, Everywhere. Within handwriting, we have been focusing on our ascenders and descenders. So many children in our class have made fantastic progress in their cursive handwriting.

Our new English unit focuses on the text, the Mousehole Cat. This wonderful story from Cornwall introduced us to Mowzer the cat and her old fisherman, Tom. The children generated questions in the roles of Mowzer and defined unfamiliar vocabulary.

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