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Dear Parents/Carers,

I am delighted to be able to share our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report with you. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome and that Ofsted has recognised so many strengths in our lovely school. Some of you may be aware, but for those who are not, Ofsted changed the way they inspect schools from September 2019 so we have been inspected under a new framework where very little schools have had experience. A framework based around the Quality of Education and the rigourous inspection of the quality of the Curriculum that the children receive. The two days that the inspector was here were extremely thorough and long but we were excited to show off our school and demonstrate all the great things that we do to ensure that the children receive a high standard of education.

The reports under the new Ofsted Framework are much shorter than they used to be with Inspectors having a ‘maximum word count’. As you’ll see, our inspector has definitely wanted to capture all of the positives she saw and has used the word count to maximum effect.

The report highlights what a happy school we are, where children flourish and learn. It contains so many strengths and I just wish she could’ve written more. During the inspection, I had many opportunities to talk to the inspector and I wanted to share with you some of the comments she made that haven’t necessarily be written in the report:

  • There is a clear breadth of Curriculum across all classes and in all books.
  • Maths teaching is a real strength and the children find it engaging and fun. The teachers challenge the children well and is it applied well across the curriculum.
  • The confidence of the children is commendable and they were all extremely polite and courteous
  • Support for children with SEN was very positive and even the children said the support has helped them tremendously.
  • The Leadership and Management of the school is very good; including training and development of all staff.
  • The inspector very much liked the way we are such an outward facing school and work with, and support, other schools in the Pendle area.
  • The Subject Leadership in school is a key strength and all teachers had solid subject knowledge and enthusiasm for their subjects.
  • The governors have a very good understanding of the school and a real vision for want they want for the pupils.
  • The staff love their jobs and feel highly appreciated as a team.
  • There is a real culture of development in the school and the inspector could see how far we have come since our last Ofsted Inspection in June 2015.
  • The teachers have a solid knowledge of how to teach well and engage all the children.
  • The enrichment of the curriculum is a huge strength of the school. The inspector was very impressed with the amount, and variety, of the clubs/trips/visitors that we plan for the children. 
  • There is a strong culture of safeguarding in school. The inspector checked through all of the policies and procedures and was very impressed with the level of recording and the support we provide for families.
  • The inspector was very impressed with transition in school; transition into Reception, transition between classes and transition to High School.
  • The inspector told me that the School Advisor said that we were a “shining light in the local authority”.
  • When the inspector met with pupils she said that they were all wonderful and brilliant ambassadors for school.
  • The inspector loved our outdoor space and how we are able to use it with the children. She particularly loved spending time in our inspiring Reception classroom!
  • The inspector said that in her 12 years of inspecting schools, she had never been in such a happy school where so many children and staff felt so valued and were so happy to be in school.

It is not very often that we get to make a big deal about what goes on in school but as a staff we work extremely hard to make sure that we make school the best place possible for all children. We are over the moon that this has been recognised and that we were only given one area for development which has been addressed in the last week. Thank you to the 43 parents that responded on Parent View; we were able to discuss the responses with the inspector and so thrilled that she could see the positive support we receive from our community.

Therefore, in summary, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to the children, the staff, the Governors, the parents, the grandparents and everyone in our community. Coates Lane is a lucky place to have such wonderful people surrounding it and helping it to keep moving forward.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Mrs White

A very proud Headteacher

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