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World Book Day 2023

We had lots of fun on World Book Day! We loved dressing up as our favorite fictional characters and reading lots of books throughout the day.


By Oscar Brown

In English we have been continuing with our Space topic of Man on the Moon. We love this story and can’t wait to write our own Space story, based on this, next week. This week we have been writing application letters to NASA to persuading them to make us astronauts! We also wrote a diary entry, pretending to be Bob, the Man on the Moon.


In Maths, we have been thinking about measuring using mass, capacity and length. We have also been problem solving and putting the measures in order. This week we have moved onto adding and subtracting by crossing the ten and using exchange. This has been a tricky concept so please can we practise this at home. Thank you!

Space Art

This week we have been exploring Peter Thorpe’s artwork on rockets. We practised sketching our own rockets/ space scenes and we explored with different media (pencil crayons, chalk, oil pastels and acrylic paint). We will decide which one we like the best for our final piece.

R.E- Christianity

In RE we have been thinking about how Christians believe that Jesus is the Light. We looked at ways how we could be the Light like Jesus, by spreading our kindness. We read the Good Samaritan story and created a kindness tree, to show how we could be kind like Jesus. We have also been looking at Christian symbols and created our own stain glass windows.

Class Novel- Space Band!

We LOVE our new class novel, written by Tom Fletcher. We read one of Tom Fletcher’s novels last term (Danger Gang) and it was a big hit! This one allows us to listen to the songs in the book on youtube- we have been having a good sing along!

Post Author: Frances Brennand