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Over the past two weeks, the teachers in school, Mrs White and Miss Johnston (from Ireland!) have completed a 6 hour training course based on Trauma and Attachment.

As well as completing the 6 hours online training, they have got to complete modules over the summer and take part in a final training session in early September.

The aims of the course have been:

• raise school staff awareness and increase understanding of the role of attachment and trauma in children’s education and strategies to better address their needs
• reduce exclusions from school and improve attendance of children who are vulnerable
• improve educational progress and the well-being of all children and particularly those who are vulnerable
• develop the confidence and skills to address trauma and attachment in school

We feel that investing our time in this has been essential as part of our work to become a ‘Trauma Informed School’ so we can fully support all of our pupils and help them with their individual needs.

Thank you to Sheila at AC Education for delivering the course content and a HUGE well done to the teachers for their involvement and passion to be the best teachers they can be!


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