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An AMAZING end of term update for our school community. Within the last few weeks of the Autumn Term, Year 5 found a wonderful balance between hard work and enrichment. As part of the focus around origins of food in the present day and Victorian times in Design and Technology, the children were thrilled to experience an Asian food tasting afternoon. The visitors explained about different ingredients and were they come from in the world. The children asked super questions and now realise how far each ingredient within their takeaways has travelled to be on their plate. Within English, the children blew us away with their innovated chapters based on an original within Charles Dickens’ novel, ‘Oliver Twist’. Our main grammar focuses were expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, using a range of complex sentence openers and subordinate clauses! The children loved scaffolding their writing and magpieing from Miss Johnston’s model each day. This Christmas, each child in school made their very own Christingle. Julie Bryan, our religious governor, came into school and taught everyone about each element of the Christingle and the link to God’s love and light around the world.

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