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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Hello and welcome to the very first ‘Year 6 Blog’ of 2021!

We hope you are well and that you are looking after each other.

Like all other schools in the country, we have some children who are working from home and some who are working in class with myself, Mr Maiden, and the wonderful Mrs Beresford.

Each week, we will show some examples of the work we have completed during the week with a brief explanation of what we have been learning.

This week, we concluded our English unit based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We created poems based on Macbeth’s final battle, focussing on our choice of vocabulary using the text we have studied. We then planned and wrote our own spooky short stories based on Macbeth.

We have been looking at decimals in Maths and recapped our knowledge of tenths, hundredths, thousandths and numbers to 3 decimal places. Then we moved onto multiplying and dividing decimals by integers.

It’s not all Maths and English though, Miss Denton has been teaching the class Science and PSHE on a Tuesday where the children have been learning about the function of the heart, nutrients and the digestive system. We have also been having a PE session with Phil every Friday afternoon,

We have completed a variety of art activities to help us with our mindfulness and well-being by drawing objects of our choice using a grid system.

Please click on the links below to see some examples of the work the children have produced at home and in class.

Thank you for reading, take care of each other and stay safe.

Mr Maiden, Mrs Beresford and the children of Year 6.

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