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Assessment Information

SATS Results – the last ‘tests’ that were sat by our pupils were in July 2019 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Our 2019 Exam and Assessment Results – KS2
These results are based on a cohort of 28 children.
Average progress score in Reading – 2.6
Average progress score in Writing – 1.1
Average progress score in Maths – 2

All of our progress scores were above national average.
Average ‘scaled score’ in Reading – 104
Average ‘scaled score’ in Mathematics – 104
Average ‘scaled score’ in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – 106

All of our ‘scaled scores’ were either in line or above national average.

Percentage of children who achieved the ‘expected standard’ or above in Reading, writing AND Mathematics – 71%

This is above the national average of 65%

Click here to view the nationally published data for our school