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Religious Education

Coates Lane Primary School follows the Lancashire syllabus, approved in line with the law, by the Agreed Syllabus Conference, SACRE and the Local Authority. This syllabus explains all the requirements for the RE curriculum in Lancashire schools.  It outlines statutory requirements and also the programmes of study for each key stage.

At the core of our RE curriculum offer is the quest to understand what it is to be human. By learning about and from religion we can become more open-minded, respectful and achieve greater self-awareness. The skills and attitudes learned though RE can significantly help to promote British Values and develop community cohesion.

At Coates Lane, Religious Education will be delivered in school to meet the agreed aims by:

  • Including knowledge and reference to religious and nonreligious beliefs and world views, practices and ways of life.
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of all members that make up our community.
  • As part of the curriculum at each Key Stage, visits to local places of worship are encouraged as are visits by members of SACRE and faith communities to local schools.
  • Developing understanding of concepts and mastery of skills to make sense of religion and belief, at an appropriate level of challenge for each child's age.
  • Developing positive attitudes and values and to reflect and relate their learning in RE to their own experience.
  • Having the opportunity to learn that there are those who do not hold religious beliefs and have their own philosophical perspectives.

The curriculum has been created in a cyclical format to enable children to revisit and build on their prior knowledge of the different beliefs and practices taught across the school. It also allows for teachers to be flexible and adapt the term in which units are taught in their year group, to allow for cross-curricular links or involvement with parents or other members of the community.

See the file below for an overview of RE learning across the school.